Re: ada & gui

Martin Dowie wrote:

> This seems like a fairly common problem - GtkAda does have a certain
> 'look' on windows that isn't as clean as Claw but Claw is
> Windows-only.

I have heard rumours that there are themes for GtkAda which makes it look
more like ordinary Microsoft applications.

> I have toyed with creating an abstract 'GUI' library (see below) so
> you could choose between GUI-implementations at compile time.

That would definitely be nice. But wasn't that the idea with GtkAda?
(or at least with Gtk+?)

> Any thoughts pros/cons to this sort of framework?

A framework which can make both platform-specific and cross-platform
look-and-feel GUIs is definitely on my wishlist. I have considered
porting Claw (as a framework) to some X GUI APIs (with GtkAda at the
top of the list).

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