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tmoran@xxxxxxx wrote:

There's a hidden assumption in that argument, namely that "GPL'd" is a
subset of "public goods". If GPL'd programs aren't public goods, then
your conclusion about who will pay programmers is invalid.

To not be a "Public Good", it would have to either be exclusive - easy to control who gets a copy, or rivalrous - if you have it, it will be less valuable to me (a CIA cryptography program for instance). Offhand I can't think of an example of GPLing such a program.

But I'm sure you *can* think of some examples of GPL'd programs, and those will then have to fall into the "public goods" category. Hence, by your own reasoning, GPL'd programs *are* (a subset of) public goods, which is perfectly consistent with your calling Steve's GPL'd programs public goods.

Further, I said "the market
will undersupply", not "the market will supply zero, so only non-market
orgs will supply".

True, but the sentence continued "leaving it to government or other organizations not guided by the market to pay programmers." That sounds like the market would not pay programmers to any significant extent.

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