Re: Ada script, anyone

"Xcriber51" <xcriber@[OMITTED]> writes:

> Hi
> This will probably be a (slightly?) absurd question, but is there an Ada
> (script) interpreter?

> The reason I'm asking is I know a C/C++ interpreter which, though it is a
> barebones commandline interpreter and does not provide the full comfort of
> an integrated IDE (with a debugger, etc.), makes life easier.
> It'd be great to have a tool like the universally ever popular Visual
> Basic thing - which most coders I know prefer to everything else - that'd
> be as easy to get going and introduce them (or help them side-grade) to
> Ada.

If you are looking for a direct replacement for Visual Basic, I don't
think there is one right now. However there is a project on
SourceForge to make one:

>From what I gather, GNAVI is work in progress. Some parts of it, in
particular the GWindows library, are already mature, but the GUI
builder is beta. GWindows is Windows only but there are plans to port
it to other platforms.

Another solution is AdaCore's development suite for GTK+ or GNOME
development. This works on many platforms.

* Glade is a point-and-click GUI builder that represents your GUI as
an XML file. The associated library, libglade, allows your
application to load this XML file and create its GUI at run time.
Alternatively, glade can generate source code in various languages
from the XML file. See

* GtkAda is a library allowing you to program (in a traditional way)
GTK+ interfaces in Ada. It also contains Gate, a program that takes
the XML file produced by Glade and generates Ada source from it, and
an Ada binding to libglade. Thus, you can use glade from Ada. See

* The GNAT Programming Studio is a complete IDE for Ada. See


Ludovic Brenta.