Re: AdaCore ... the Next SCO?

Georg Bauhaus <bauhaus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Microsoft offers lengthy license texts, including on redistributables.
Some paragraphs are known to not apply in some contries, still the
license text suggests they do (to the layman, at least).
The holographic trick is, I believe, a way to make selling
forged copies of software disks more difficult.

Yes and if you have this holographic logo on your CD this is a very
strong hint that the EULA on that CD is in fact Microsoft's EULA and
not changed by someone else. No need to call Bill Gates to check the

A lot like obfuscation is useful in making software theft more
difficult. And probably the looks of holographic disks help
marketing, too. But I am not aware of holographic print being used
as a signature. Is it a new form of signing?

Sorry, I did not mean holographic signature.

I wonder why industry is so reluctant in adopting digital signatures.
Are they afraid of cryptography in general? An unintelligible myth?
Less opportunity for travel because you cannot shake hands over signed
contracts when using eMail? Increased dependence on inferiors to sort
out the technical stuff? ;-)

All of that ;-)

Michael Bode