Translating an embedded C algorithm


I am in the process of writing a book about real-time embedded
development (hardware and software). In it there is a section on
different programming languages that are available for embedded
development. I'm using a small C function that does temperature
measurement by linear interpolation of a lookup table as an example. I
have C code to do this, and would like to have the same algorithm
implemented in other languages.

Unfortunately I'm really a C programmer, with very little experience
of other languages, so I would like to ask if anyone on this newsgroup
is interested in translating the algorithm into Ada. Of course you
would be mentioned in thanks in the book once it is finished.

If you are interested, I have placed the section of the book here:

so you can see the code and description. Please email me if you are
interested to paul (dot) hills (who is at) uk (dot) landisgyr (dot)

Thanks very much
Paul Hills