Re: How come Ada isn't more popular?

"Jeffrey R. Carter" <jrcarter@xxxxxxx> writes:

Maciej Sobczak wrote:
Did it cover open-source projects as well?
COBOL was popular at the time when development was centralized in
big companies, so it was easier to count the number of lines. Today
every kid is coding something and it's even hard to estimate how
much code is written every day that is just unnoticed. Just having
Windows as a major operating system (with milions of development
shops shipping software for it) gives a hint that COBOL might not be
a winner any longer.

It covered projects for which people were paid to develop SW. When you
include open-source and teenage kids creating buffer-overflow errors
in their bedrooms, you may get a different result.

Teanage kids these days write c001 PHP web applications. Now buffer
overflows there, but any amount of security holes.

BTW, what one can learn from that, is, that it is the absence of
correct models and absence encapsulation of state and representation
that makes software bad (insecure / unsafe / whatever), not only the
buffer overflows.

Regards -- Markus