Re: Reading Float Data from a binary file into ada

On Jan 30, 4:14 pm, Cesar Rabak <csra...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Niklas Holsti escreveu:

The portability of this approach is the same as for the C code: it
depends on the byte order in the VB file, the order in which you
concatenate the 4 octets into a 32-bit value, and the representation of
Float values. But if it works in C, it should work in Ada, assuming that
the Ada Float type has the same representation as the C float type,
which is likely.

0.01999: since there are not VB implementations on machines other than
Intel, I think once the 'right' endianness is found it will survive all
implementations in Ada, right?

Yes - you are correct. There will only be one windows machine that
this VB app will dump from.

Thanks for the help, I'll be back tomorrow!