Re: AW: AW: How come Ada isn't more popular?

"Grein, Christoph (Fa. ESG)" <Christoph.Grein@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Markus E Leypold wrote:

Fact is: The students were not able to finish the job, so they were
given more and more source. And even with 60%, they were still not able.

See my comment on the helpfullness of help in another articel. I've

Wow, I hate to see the number of spelling errors NNTP introduces in my
articles every time. I swear they were word perfect when they left my
news reader. I swear!!!

(Note to self: Never forget to use flyspell-mode ...)

only been trying to put forward a general point of view on the idea
that more help brings the students nearer to success in any case.

You're absolutely correct on this, no help and also more help up to
60% did not help the students finish their work in C.

On the other hand, using Ada they were able to finish. This is the
very definite result of the study - contrary to what was expected by
the instructor.

(Wannst 'as g'lesen hättst, dadst ned so daherredn :-)

I definitely should read the study. As I said: Not now. I can't
continue to discuss on this branch any more for lack of having done my
homework :-). So please excuse this student here.

My other arguments, that suitability of language is only a small
factor in the decision for a certain language / development system and
the final quality of the system delivered, still stands. Yes I'd wish
Linux was written in Ada, and yes I'd wish people would use Ada
instead of C. But I also would wish to be a bit more independent from
the vagaries of AdaCore and that there would be more incentive or will
to actually release a high quality free compiler (with a GMGPL
runtime, mind you). Etc. Never mind.

Regards -- Markus