ANNOUNCE: Avatox 1.7 is now available (with pre-alpha AXF2Ada)

Avatox (Ada, Via Asis, To Xml) is an application that traverses Ada compilation units and outputs their ASIS representation(s) as XML document(s) in the Avatox Xml Format, AXF, file extension "axf". The format of the XML in the document can be configured, and supplemental source annotations can be generated.

Changes since version 1.6:
- Added three attributes needed to accurately represent source
code structure.

Also included in this release is an in-work "pre-alpha" version of axf2ada.xsl, an XSLT stylesheet that converts AXF into Ada source code. It is a work in progress, and currently can regenerate the Avatox source code from its AXF representation. For more information about axf2ada, see the Avatox web page:

Avatox 1.7 is available at

-- Marc A. Criley
-- McKae Technologies
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