Re: ada compiler?

anon wrote:
Since, my version of GNAT by default is set to the "High_Integrity" Mode the program always takes the CONSTRAINT_ERROR exits unless the correct "pragma Suppress" or "pragma Restrictions" is set. Such as adding:

pragma Suppress ( All_Checks ) ;

So never assume that you need an options less you have proven that it is needed on that version. Plus, if you switch vendor or newer releases that option may not exist.

And as for newbees, let them enjoy the power and beauty of Ada before getting into the implementation junk that destroys their desire to support

I think the odds of the original poster having a special version of GNAT that is "Ada" by default is very low. Especially given that he said he was using gcc with c,c++ and Ada support. That almost certainly means it is some distribution native gcc that is bundled with the FSF/AdaCore default of 'not quite Ada'.