Re: A scary story from the real world.

On Mon, 2007-11-12 at 08:04 -0500, Stephen Leake wrote:
Brian May <bam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

"Harald" == Harald Korneliussen <vintermann@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Harald> Now, one may argue whether the Java/C# approach of
Harald> virtual machines, sandboxes, bytecode verification etc.
Harald> is better than the Ada approach, but it is at least an
Harald> attempt. It's not as if they're doing nothing.

There is nothing stopping Ada from having virtual machines, sandboxes,
bytecode verification, etc, either. If they really wanted to do so.

AdaCore has ported GNAT to .NET. There was even a small ad in the
current Dr Dobbs for it.

AppletMagic is integrated with SofCheck's Inspector (which is
made to help verification).