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First, GNAT may be the only Ada 2005 compiler at the movement but that
may change if other posters arecorrect. Second, GNAT is not the only
compiler in use today, people are still using Ada 95 from other vendors.
Software vedors like GHS, IBM, and Janas have Ada compilers and not one
of them use "gnatmake". But all vendors including Adacore uses a version
of the three steps to build an Ada partition.

And if you check with the Ada LRM you will see that the LM promotes a
concept of not wasting or hogging resources. Since "gnatmake" is a
resource hog the concept states that it should not be used. And as most
poster say the Ada LRM is the final word.

Plus, if Adacore is sold and gutted, goes out of business, or falls out of
favor with other companies. The newbees need to know the concept of
how an Ada partition is generated.

Now just to be funny. Adacore would love to hear this but, the boss's blood
pressure might hit the roof. That is, if the programmer said, "I do not know
how to build a Ada program without using 'gnatmake' ".

In <47394e4b$1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, Martin Krischik <krischik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
anon schrieb:
You are missing the point. You should not assume that they need command
line option until they ask for help that require that type of answer. And if
there is a Ada language answer then that is the answer that should be the
given. Not a simple command line answer which is vendor and/or version

Plus, how many beginners first downloads a GNAT version that requires:

gnatmake -gnato -fstack-check <name>.adb

to compile a simple program!

Most beginners that are learning Ada just use:

Note: (Linux version)

gnat compile <name>.adb
gnat bind <name>.ali
gnat link <name>.ali

No they should taught "gnat make" - which is lot simpler - separate
compile-bind-link cycles are not needed any more. Even in tricky cases
like stand alone libraries or cross compilation where it was needed 3
years ago. Today the project manager does it all for you. There is no
reason left to learn how to do it the hard way.

Also note the space - just "gnat" will give you a short on-line help.


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