Re: using svn in GPS on Windows == wonky

On Dec 9, 1:58 pm, Pascal Obry <pas...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
John Stoneham a écrit :

Wow, I'm sorry but I think that's being a bit cavalier. I see four
things wrong: 1) the assumption that "most people" using a pre-built,
native Windows binary of GPS are using cygwin;

Many people I know are using the binary distribution of GPS but the
first thing they install on their Windows box to start working is
Cygwin. And not only for Subversion, but for ssh, rsync, scp, X11, bash,
xterm, emacs, awk, sed... And not for building GPS but for working on
their daily projects.

Good for them. But I doubt this small sample represents the majority
of users downloading the pre-built GPL Windows binary.

2) the docs still state
that "System_Default" is the path_style default when it has been
changed to "CYGWIN";

You are speaking of the value set by default. The doc state the default
value (when no value is specified). The doc is not for the Subversion,
CVS or any other supplied VCS but for writing a new VCS yourself. And
yes when no value is specified then System_Default is used. That's true,
the doc is correct.

What do you call the value that is already set when a program is
installed? I'd say that's called a "default value", wouldn't you?
Regardless, you are saying that the internal "default value", when no
value is specified, is deemed to be "System_Default". That sounds like
a very important value if it's picked to be the default. But even so,
the value as shipped is *not* "System_Default", and there is no
documentation to that effect, and no documentation on which file is
affected or where it is located.

3) there is nothing in a README file or anywhere
else that says "If you are not running Cygwin you need to edit
path_style"; and

No need for that, see below.

Again, this is just being cavalier. See below.

4) there is no option within GPS itself to change it
(at least not in the most recently-available GPL binary).

That's indeed the case. In recent version of GPS you can chose the
Subversion mode you want (Cygwin or Native).

There most certainly is a need for it, since the most current binary
GPL edition is the one I'm discussing and the one affected. I guess
you're speaking of the "Pro" product, or maybe a snapshot build. I'm
glad to see the issue has been addressed, even if it's not yet
available in the pre-built GPL edition. Evidently I wasn't the only
one who had a problem with it.