Re: Memory leak in BLAS/LINPACK - GNAT on OS X

Thought it i recognized this problem so i checked it out and found:
It is corrected in the Latest GNATPro version (the problem is in the compiler).


tkrauss wrote:
There have been a few messages on the GNAT-OSX mailing list about an
apparent memory leak in the Ada.Numerics.Long_Real_Arrays
implementation. The setup is an OS X box (10.4) with the GNAT 4.3
compiler from the site. The Ada.Numerics.Long_Real_Arrays
is using the Apple-supplied BLAS and LINPACK libraries under the
hood. The code snippet below (plagiarized from Jerry's post on the
mailing list) leaks memory (as reported by top). Note that the same
code but with Long_Complex types does not appear to have this problem.

Has anyone seen this problem on other platforms? Do other languages
on OS X behave this way? I'm not sure how to track down the guilty
party here. Is it Apple's BLAS or LINPACK libraries or something in
the GNAT Long_Real_Arrays multiply method?

with Ada.Numerics.Long_Real_Arrays;
use Ada.Numerics.Long_Real_Arrays;

procedure tst_simple is
v : Real_Vector(1 .. 100_000) := (others => 1.23);
res : Real_Vector(1 .. 100_000);
for i in 1..1000 loop
res := 123.456 * v;
end loop;
end tst_simple;