Re: OpenToken

Ted Dennison, the author of OpenToken, reappeared yesterday on the AWS
mailing list and I took the opportunity to send him an email which he
allowed me to reproduce here for the benefit of all interested. The
conversation is below.

Ludovic Brenta wrote:
Hi Ted,

Are you the author of OpenToken? There has been a discussion on
comp.lang.ada starting at [1] about adopting it for future
maintenance. As it turns out, Stephe Leake is willing to take it
over. I'd like to know if you were aware of this and of the fact
that, over the years sicne you released 3.0b, several people sent you
patches which you never acknowledged. Do you approve of someone else
taking over?


Ted Dennison replied:
I'm unaware of the talk. I am quite aware that I've been sent a few
patches that I never had time to incorporate, and that it's not being
actively developed. The birth of my second child pretty much killed all
the free time I had to do such things. I now have a third, so the free
time situation is even worse.

I certainly approve, heartily, of anyone taking over development of it.
The whole point of licensing it the way I did was so that such things
could happen.

One suggestion I would make to people would be to use a public source
code repository. Among other things, that would make it much easier to
distribute the burden of testing and incorporating patches. If I were
starting such a project today, I'd definitely use Git for revision
control. It works fine in Windows now, and Git makes forking around
developers who get busy/lazy and drop out (such as myself) nearly
trivial. I believe Savannah supports it, as do a few other lesser-known
public hosting sites:

and then in a second email:
Ludovic Brenta wrote:
Thanks a lot. Can I forward your reply to comp.lang.ada for the
benefit of all?


The agreement is to use Ada-France's monotone server. Monotone is
also distributed, like git, but simpler to use, and it is written with
the Ada attitude whereas C is written with the C attitude :)

Interesting. I'll have to look into that.

I just imported OpenToken versions 2.0 and 3.0b into the Ada-France
database under the branch name "org.opentoken". You can browse it at

Stephe Leake, feel free to send me your monotone key so I can grant
you write permission on the database.

Ludovic Brenta.