Re: Evolution

From: Randall Hyde (
Date: 11/20/03

Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 03:24:48 GMT

"ernobe" <> wrote in message news:bpgs8h$1p5dhm$
> In this case, to teach protected mode at all it would be necessary to
> either:
> 1) teach architecture and OS before Assembly, or
> 2) only teach architectures and OS that support executing programs in
> protected mode, that way it would be possible to explore the rudiments of
> programming in that mode in the Assembly course, as an introduction. If it
> continues to be an optional requirement or feature of OS design, Assembly
> programmers will never quite get a handle on it, much less perfect it as a
> technique.

Of course, most computer science programs feel that OS design and
architecture courses are more important than an assembly course,
so the assembly course is always subserviant to the others, not the
other way around. It would be wonderful to have a class full of students
who already know about numbering systems (e.g., hex), memory
access, computer architecture, and the memory hierarchy. Boy, that
would be a great assembly class. Unfortunately in the real work,
most Universities have the students take an assembly class *before*
they take architecture or OS design so that they accomplish more in
those classes. The only thing that's likely to change in this equation
is that the Universities may drop the assembly course and have
the student pick up the machine organization stuff elsewhere.
Cheers, (or should I say, sadness...?)
Randy Hyde