Re: A Parable of Two Carpenters

From: John lauman (
Date: 11/25/03

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    It is interesting we don't see anymore posts, and I got a couple trace
    routes on my firewall.

    Then I get a couple viruses in my email.
    Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 18:33:49 +0100 (added by

    Nice to see the Love out there.

    If I were a serious programmer I would think one way to make a better
    reputation for my programming skills would be to prove it instead of
    wasteing time trying to find a way to get back at someone.

    Obviously suppression is the best way to eliminate competition. Next
    someone will take over the internet. If they can get their program to work.


    Randall Hyde wrote:

    > "John lauman" <> wrote in message news:bpsqal$81n$
    >>Just curious is Half a wannabe, Rene?
    > A Rene wannabe, perhaps?
    >>Thanks everyone for the great entertainment value.
    > Welcome to alt.lang.asm :-)
    >>I am learning not what to do in software development.
    > The only reason for egging Rene on.
    > Some people around here post some absolute nonsense,
    > but they really produce nothing real that a beginner could
    > look at and say "hey! I want to be like that person."
    > Rene is different. He actually *has* produced something
    > that people can respect. Unfortunately, his product (BetovTool,
    > formally known as "RosAsm") is really a subsersive attempt
    > to 1. Fight Microsoft, 2. Fight the USA, 3. Fight certain
    > individuals, and 4. Fight modern software engineering practices.
    > The first three points aren't that important, but for beginners
    > the last point is crucial. Those who wind up learning BetovTool
    > may be very well crippled for life! (Much like some great
    > Computer Scientist [I think it was Knuth or Dijkstra] once
    > said that people who learned [original] BASIC as their
    > first programming language were crippled for life.) For all
    > the *good* things one can find in BetovTool, someone who
    > attempts to learn assembly using this system is *not* learning
    > good programming practice. That's why it's important to
    > keep the heat on Rene.
    >>There shall be no god before all other gods and his name shall be EGO!
    > Absolutely!
    > Seriously. I've got nothing against the developer of a tool having a big
    > ego. I've got one, Rene's got one, most people who write software
    > have one. Ego is great because it encourages people to deliver things
    > for free that they would never consider doing otherwise.
    > The only time ego gets to be a problem is when an individual stops
    > thinking their worth is based on how great they are (or how they
    > perceive others think how great they are) and they start measuring
    > their "greatness" on the basis of basis of how "less than great"
    > people perceive others developing the same tools. Therein lies
    > Rene's illness. It's not good enough for people to think that he is
    > great. Instead, people must think that those Rene has singled out
    > as "competition" are fools.
    > Cheers,
    > Randy Hyde

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