Re: Where's Beth?

From: The Half A Wannabe (america)
Date: 11/29/03

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    Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 19:59:27 +0100

    "Frank Kotler" <> wrote in message
    > Phil Carmody wrote:
    > > "Annie" <> writes:
    > >> _____
    > >> Anybody heard from Beth lately? ((( `\
    > >
    > > She had a prefix, and stalled in the V pipeline.
    > Or could be a mispredicted branch - she's hard to predict!
    > Seriously, it's not unusual for Beth to get quiet for a while... and
    > then come charging back, full steam ahead. One of these days, she's
    > going to re-emerge from a silent period with BethTool in hand, or maybe
    > that portable GUI library for HLA. Or maybe it's gotten too off-topic
    > even for Beth - we've been pretty bad, lately.

    Common we need some time to read her last postings.When we have digested it
    all, she come back with more.Beth ya she would. If I am the one responsible
    for this group beeing to OT for even Beth, I swear to keep a low profile
    from now on :-)

    > I hope she hasn't actually taken her medication and become sane - she'd
    > *never* be back, and that would be a tremendous loss! :)
    > Best,
    > Frank

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