Re: Rene is a hypocrite (OK, what else is new?)

From: luvr (
Date: 02/05/04

Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 20:57:03 +0100

"Betov" <> wrote in message
> "Beth" <> écrivait news:vvnUb.43
> $

> You have completely miss-understood all points.
> But:
> I told you that i have no more anything to
> discuss about with you. So, unless you would
> just be playing the game of answering no head
> nor tail stupidities to push other readers into
> Master Pdf traps, it's no use wasting your time
> at trying to write anything at my intention.
> Some time ago, i was in the wrong opinion that
> your demential support to HLA and to Master
> Pdf was a simple error, you could eventualy
> recover from, when facing facts.
> Now, it becomes each day more evident to me
> that i have to isolate myself completely from
> such no use discussions with people who will
> always refuse fermely to understand anything
> at anything. When people do the wrong choice,
> it seems to never be a result of some hazardous
> error, and dementia seems to really be internaly
> coherent.
> Betov.

In all honesty, I have great trouble believing that Betov actually seriously
means all this.
Am I the only one to wonder if, perhaps, he may have "forgotten" a few
smileys here and there? ;-)