Re: Low(er) level assembly with Hyde's AoA and HLA

From: Frank Kotler (
Date: 02/21/04

Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 20:46:26 GMT

Beth wrote:

> Herbert Kleebauer wrote:
>>Kain wrote:
>>> dec(ecx);
>>> cmp(ecx,0);
>>The dec already sets the zero flag, no need for an extra cmp
> Trivial nit-picking; You're right...but this is hardly a case to
> suggest that HLA is "wrong", really, isn't it?

Don't fall into Betov's trap of assuming everybody's your enemy!
Herbert's just pointing some things out to Kain (I know *I* appreciate
Herbert's comments on my code, and try to learn from them!)...

Say, are you on the aoaprogramming !Yahoo! list, Beth? Do you know that
Kain's working on an IDE for HLA? There's been some chat on that list
about "wxWindows" and stuff that the LuxAsm project's also interested in...

> Yeah; There's room for optimisation...I bet looking over some of your
> code then there'll be places where some optimisations are possible
> here and there...

Sure, but don't count on too much - Herbert's code is pretty nice.

>>current version: .
> Yeah, despite taking the mickey out of Herbert about that, I actually
> have nothing against the Motorola style (much nicer than Intel's ugly
> "style" ;)

Matter of taste. I find Herbert's stuff every bit as ugly as Intel :)

> and find that whole thing very amusing...and I did a bunch
> of stuff a while back on Motorola chips that I can "guess" a whole
> bunch of the stuff from looking...but, well, it _is_ confusing for
> people who have no idea what it is...even you, Herbert, have to admit
> that to a degree...indeed, not at all "wrong"...but "confusing" for
> many people :)

Confusing to the point that some people accuse Herbert of posting
non-x86 code! But if you *look* at the thing, it's clear that we're
talking about the same code. It's like trying to decide which is
"better", 16 or 0x10...