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Date: 07/07/04

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>> >> You simply miss these points:
>> >>
>> >> * Who is doing the test.
>> >> * What is the final intention of the one doing the test.
>> >> * What is the competency level of the one doing the test.
>> >
>> > The only one of consern to me is whats the final intention of the
>> > test. Historys of people do not matter, what is now is now.
>> If you have read B_U_Asm, point 1) is fully explained
>> in "The Randall Hyde Case".
> I have read B_U_Asm, and actually i should ask, what was YOUR
> intention writting it? It seems like a huge part of it is dedicated to
> insulting Randall and Hutch. Even then, i do not understand your
> viewpoints. Here is a snip from BU_ASM
> "Politically,Randall Hyde is a typical American Right-Wing Christian
> Conservative (For the ones who do not know, he is to the right of
> Georges Bush, *** *********** ***** *********, the American majors,
> and so on...). This is to say that this man can not perceive anything
> but in terms of competition, and that his competition cannot have any
> other final target but his personal glorification. What follows cannot
> be understood without considering and understanding the above stated
> facts..."
> A political statement about Randall Hyde does not discredit him. I
> consider Hitler to be one of the more genious people who have existed,
> while we all can agree that he is at the same time, the most evil. No
> matter who the person is, they still have a good amount of
> intelligence. Or do you wish to turn people against him?
> "Facing this situation, he authored a dirty HLL Pre-Parser, with a
> terrific Syntax somewhere between an old fashion Pascal and Assembler,
> able to output Sources Files for the various Assemblers. (Of course he
> could not do it for SpAsm, because of various technical problems he
> would have had to face, SpAsm being anything but a simple
> Command-Line-Tool Assembler). Needless to say, his nasty hack against
> Assembly was first written in VHLL (Flex and Bison), the quick and
> dirty way.
> Then he called this pure horror 'The High Level Assembler' (HLA) and,
> dancing on his past fame, he made a great noise about this great
> novelty. "
> Again, another snip from B_U_Asm. You are critisizing Randall for not
> choosing your assembler as an output, and at the same time critisizing
> him for making it in a language far away from assembler (a VHLL). I do
> not see what is wrong with using Flex/Bison to write a compiler, that
> is why they were made ya know?
> "Finally, he succeeded to find a Publisher willing to sell his AoA32
> Book, dedicated to HLA, and he introduced this, as an opportunity
> particularly adapted to beginners. Given the fact that this man is not
> only talented at writing tons of Pdf, but also very talented at
> selling himself, his attempt will temporary succeed to dry out and
> deter the already very small number of newcomers (beginners) available
> for each of the various serious Assemblers Projects."
> Or, it could be that he wants to attract more people to use assembly?
> If someone builds a better assembler, people will use it. It seems as
> if you are blaming him for not having any newbies on your assembler
> (or did i read this wrong?). Either that, or you are blaming him for
> making a succesful product that appeals to beginners that want to
> learn assembly?
> Finally, he can't sell whats in the "public domain". Its in the
> "public domain" so no one can sell it.
> I can go on and on, but another point is why doesn't Randall have
> anything on his webpage that critizises you? I never heard of you till
> i came to this NG.
>> For point 2) his intention is of proving, at any
>> logical cost, that MASM is faster than RosAsm.
> Give me a logical reason please. MASM wasn't made by Randall and he
> gains nothing in trying to prove it is better than RosAsm. People are
> not that stupid.
>> For Point 3) the competency of Master Pdf, in Asm
>> is equel to zero.
> Again, i cannot agree on this, I am new and cannot make assumptions
> one man has given to me.
> [snip]
>> > Honest intention or not, I cannot see a point where he could
>> > have lied in this test. I was hoping you would point one out.
>> This is where he is an expert: You "cannot see a point
>> where he could have lied". :))
> Well, if there is a point where he lied, i would be glad if you point
> it out.
> [snip]
>> > But i haven't seen where Masm is
>> > "fast" in any test. Hopefully you could pull an article or post
>> > where there is an example of this.
>> Go and see at MASM Board, in the [Colloseum]
>> Folder. I cannot promiss you that you will
>> find out the 'good' Posts, because, at that
>> Neo-Nazi Board, they are used to delete all
>> older posts that could show what they are.
> Just a slight off topic comment,
> Why do you refer to everything related to Randall in some way in an
> insulting tone? Randall always refers to you as Rene or Betov, while
> you have several psudonymns for him, ranging from "Master PDF" to
> "Self Esteemed" to "Neo-Nazi" board.
> Anyway, it is understood that in boards, posts are edited and deleted
> to protect the integrity of the board. It isn't "free speech", its
> "This is my property, my rules", and if anything, that is as far from
> Facism as possible
> Nazis don't believe in property :)
> [snip]
>> > Example please? I know i sound like an idiot or someone
>> > against you by saying this again and again. But i haven't
>> > seen any evidence myself of actions similar to this.
>> Same answer as above. Not my fault if you are
>> a new comer, who can not know of any older event,
>> and i have some other little things to do (like
>> writing RosAsm...), than searching documentation
>> for you.
> Understood. But it is traditional to support your statements.
>> >
>> > Why doesn't the list compile?
>> Because RosAsm is not a Tool for compiling labels
>> Lists.
> How will i compile my hundreds of labels long equates that represent
> the system calls, structures and etc when i interface it with C ?
>> >> As explain in my other posts, i cannot, an will not,
>> >> explain why RosAsm refuses to compile a no end Labels
>> >> List. If you take his damned list and replace all
>> >> ':' by ': mov eax ebx', it will compile OK. This is
>> >> NOT a problem with the Symbols capacity.
>> >
>> > Why? I mean, you won't explain, nor can i read RosAsm well.
>> Because.
> As said, you refuse to explain.
>> > The only evidence i have is Randy's evidence.
>> If so, you'd better go at Webster, to download HLA,
>> to live happy with it if you can, and to give me a
>> breath. You seem to be a fashioned victim for Master
>> Pdf propaganda system. :)
> Please enlighten me on this "propaganda" system i have been hooked on
> to. I'd like to see stuff from your perspective, but you are quite
> vauge and i am new. If you mean that he is "attacking the market" as
> you said by targetting beginners, i fail to see any other assembler
> that would APPEAL to beginners. Lack of competition does not equal
> attacking the market.
> Anyway, the point i was trying to say was, if you wish to convince me,
> HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!! I am new, i don't know much. I am asking for
> your point of view so i can have a fair evaluation. As said earlier, i
> only have Randall's point of view, and your "because" and refusing to
> allow RosAsm to compile a list isn't helping.
> [snip]
>> > Didn't mean for you to try and port it to Linux. I didn't
>> > mean it like that. However, Given the fact that i have
>> > never even HEARD of ReactOS before now, while at the
>> > same time there are tests showing that the *Nix crowd
>> > is slowly chipping away from MS windows, i have to say
>> > Linux is more successful than ReactOS.
>> > Example?
>> > IBM is hosting linux commercials. I'd say linux is doing well.
>> >
>> > ReactOS sounds like a good idea, but when i actually
>> > see it rise above and beyond Linux, then i will look into it.
>> >
>> > People said Ada would take over C at one point. I don't belive
>> > in looking into the future anymore.
>> May be there are some old retired carpenters who
>> are younger than you are, in their minds:
>> _I_ work for future.
>> Will this future exist or not? This is not _that_
>> important to me. What is important to me is that
>> i am doing what i have to do, and doing it my
>> best so that some interresting future could exist,
>> and as long as i am able to contribute.
> Point taken. Still don't see how you think Linux is failing though.
> Percival