Good site with inspirational examples

From: thelifter (
Date: 07/17/04

Date: 16 Jul 2004 19:59:05 -0700

At this site:

there are a lot of 256 byte assembly programs. Some of them are really
amazing and do 3D graphics. See "lattice" for a nice example. I think
this could help inspire new programmers. Also it would be interesting
to translate one of those programs to a HLL(high level language) and
compare the code size and complexity of both. Or maybe you could count
how many semantic units are in each implementation because it is not
always sensible to simply count the number of bytes of a program?

Another idea would be to let two groups of equivalently skilled
programmers try to code one short program like these. One group uses a
HLL the other one uses Assembly. Who will be faster?

More fuel for the great debate...