Re: HAY BETOV, when will you fix the RosAsm data structures ?

randyhyde@xxxxxxxxxxxxx écrivait news:1114195673.038755.56730

>> Can you really believe that anybody - but your
>> usual buddies - will give any credit to your
>> insane lies and swindling?
>> Do you really believe that the reader cannot
>> download RosAsm, and cannot give it any try?
> Sure. And I'll be more than happy to supply the source file that
> crashes RosAsm every time so they can see for themselves.


And you can really think that your File could be of
interrest for somebody?


I already told you that, for doing the modification,
in RosAsm, so that it could compute your bullshit, is
_ONE_ instruction.

I have also told you that i will never write this
instruction, because i have absolutely no reason to
write it.



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