Re: Best Way to Create String Variables in Assembly

I am running openBSD. And from the man page for brk, sbrk:

"The brk() and sbrk() functions are historical curiosities left over
from earlier days before the advent of virtual memory management."

This led me to think that there is an alternative to brk and sbrk when
coding memory for applications that that run in userland.

The only alternatives I could find are uvm(9) and mmap(2).

uvm functions are not syscalls, though. For mmap, I could find:

71 COMPAT_43 { int sys_mmap(caddr_t addr, size_t len, int
prot, \
int flags, int fd, long pos); } ommap

197 STD { void *sys_mmap(void *addr, size_t len, int
prot, \
int flags, int fd, long pad, off_t pos); }

syscall 197 looks like what I find in mmap(2).

How should I approach this string problem? Since I am coding assembly,
I am not really worried about portability.