Re: Between Assemblers

Betov wrote:
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> > Betov wrote:
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> >> Ass-hole, "as an Assembler"... HLA does not exist. So forth,
> >> it cannot exceed anything, in the area of _Assemblers_.
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> > Of course, you claim that MASM and TASM are not assemblers, too, so I'm
> > in good company at the "professional level".
> Ass-hole,

And you continue to demonstrate your command of the English language.
Way to impress everyone Rene!

> TASM and MASM include an Encoder.

So does HLA. The module that does this is TASM, MASM, Gas, or FASM :-).

> There are
> _real_ Compiler.

True. They are also assemblers. Both statements are true as assemblers
*are* compilers for an assembly language.

> The many points that disqualify them
> as Assemblers do not help,

The are compilers for an assembly language, ergo, they are assemblers.
It's as simple as that.

> at anything, at making your
> HLL-Pre-Parser, neither an Assembler, nor a Compiler.

Nice try at a troll. Of course, you've demonstrated in other posts that
you don't even know what a "parser" is, so how you could claim to know
what a "pre-parser" is (even having made up the word yourself) is an
interesting question.

> If you want HLA to be a real Compiler, write first an
> Encoder..

BTW, the correct term is not "encoder" but, rather, "native code
generator." I'm sure you'll continue to wallow in ignorance as you have
in the past when you've been told the correct English terms for what
you're trying to describe, but that's a different issue.
Of course, by your definition, GCC is a "pre-parser". I'm sure your
buddy Richard Stallman (who wrote you and approved the RPL, according
to you) will be surprised to find that he wrote a ... *pre-parser* ...
rather than a compiler. :-)

> Then, HLA will be... an absurd HLL. Period.

Written by the man whose product, RosAsm, is full of IF statements,
WHILE statements, ON statements, and other HLL constructs. Remember the
old saying about not throwing stones in a glass house?
Randy Hyde