Re: Warning on copies of Iczelion's tutorials

"randyhyde@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <randyhyde@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> écrivait

> Hutch, I'm afraid, is spreading a little FUD here.

Wasn't it evident for everybody?

> In this
> particular case, he sounds just like Rene claiming that certain
> products are "not actual assemblers" as a way of boosting his own
> product.

No, ass-hole. The significative actual Assemblers are
NASM, FASM, for the Multi-Purpose ones, and RosAsm and
GoAsm for the PE Specific ones.

TASM is dead since years. MASM is virtually dead, as,
now on, it could never more compete with any of the
actual Assembler, on any point.

With "actual", i mean, of course _actual_, but, also,
"conforming to the actual Syntax Basics", what MASM
certainaly does not do, and will never do.


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