Re: What are your applications?

Betov wrote:
> Now, you come with one specific request about WebCams,
> and you expect the job to be done... Big error:
> _You_ have to do the pioneer job, if nobody ever did
> it, yet... So that, in a couple of years, Master Randall
> Hyde could write one another famous Book, about how to
> drive a WebCam in.. HLA...

This, coming from the guy who is talking about how he translated the
works of Iczelion and Test Department to SpAsm (RosAsm). The hypocrasy
here is dripping with irony.

But Rene is absolutely right. You will have to be one of the pioneers
in this area, just as anyone working on a specific application is a
pioneer in their own right.

And when you create the world's best web cam application, and release
it to the public in an open source form for free use, I *most
certainly* will be willing to translate the code from MASM (or
whatever) to HLA and even write up the algorithms you use in a
forthcoming book, if the the HLA user base or beginning assembly
language user base would benefit from something like this. And then
when the next guy comes along asking about web cams, I'll be able to
point him at your work (translated or otherwise) and say "this is how
you do it." And that will be very good.
Randy Hyde