FASM Assembler project

At the risk of being a pest, the post I have just made
to the FASM forum I have decided to send here as well :)

Hi all,

Essentially am wanting to get enough skill to write an
assembler version of this VC++ project.


This enables someone with a knowledge of C to use a VC++
shell to write C code routines to process webcam images.

When I came across FASMCam, a FASM program example written
by Marcus Araujo, I thought maybe it would be feasible to
do something similar. That is, have a windows assembler
shell (instead of a VC++ shell) in which someone with basic
assembler skills, but perhaps limited Windows skills, could
insert their own assembler routines to process images?


Although I have used the VC++ TRIPOD shell, the problem is, it
uses the LogiTech SDK which is slow. Whereas FASMCam seemed
to be much faster and I presume assembler processing routines
would be much faster? The FASM source code also seemed a lot

As I have had some experience in assembler DOS I wondered if
I could get enough know how to write a dialog based shell?

The program appears simple enough to me as we are not talking
some heavy duty ray tracing game engine here?

At the moment I am working my way through Iczelion's Win32
assembler tutorials which are very heavy going compared with
"teach yourself Visual C++ 5 in 21 days" that I used to get
some idea of VC++ to use the above TRIPOD.

It seems to me a good little beginner project. The trick
being to only cover what is relevant to that project
otherwise if you try to learn too much at once it can get
a bit overwhelming and dampen (extinguish) the motivation
as can a project that is boring such as the Java calculator
project I had to wade through while learning Java.


John Casey