Re: FASM Assembler project

"JGCASEY" <jgkjcasey@xxxxxxxxxxxx> écrivait news:1124624174.708346.141170

> I wasn't going to try and reverse engineer the VC++ code.
> Rather start from the bottom one FASM module at a time.
> The FASMCam seemed to be fairly simple and it was half
> way there to being a useful shell for image capture, process
> and display.

Yes. Probably the simplest way to go (though it does not
seem, at all, to call for the same DLLs), as, in case of
problem, you could ask Marcus, and, maybe get a bit of

>> Do not hope, anyway, that any solution could be achieved
>> in one day...
> Three months?

Impossible to say, as most of the time will be spend at
searching infos... as usual.


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