Re: Release of RosAsm V.2.025a

Betov wrote:

Let me tell you that it sounds a bit strange to me, that you could ask questions about the details of the Implementation, whereas the Source is GPLed, extreemely readable, and offered in the context of an IDE where pointing anything out is always a matter of "Click"...

Well, I've looked at it, and I'm none the wiser. Let's leave it there; the syntax of RosAsm has defeated me (along with the lack of comments), and the description you give of how it does the work hasn't cleared it up. The learning curve is too steep and long for me to work out what technique you're using. It's not that important anyhow.

But, maybe, you are going to ask me to discribe what is called, exactely... For the one interrested by the method, the Source is provided, and for the ones not able to read RosAsm unified and simplified Syntax, go and play football.

That'll be most people playing football, I suspect.

Alex McDonald