Re: Windows Assembly

Guga wrote:
Ahn..i see....

So, his political views don´t make his assembler ?

Where did I say that? I'm quoting Betov.

you were just naive "advising" Paul ?

Yeah..right :( .... And Santa Claus is eating with the easter bunny on
the restaurant rulled by Snow White, in the middle of the Madison
Square Garden....Ok....we all believe in your "naive" reasons.

Sorry, the allusion's lost on me.

I shouldn´t even bottering answering to thsi..but i don´t like trolls at all. So....about your posts.

Another netcop posting... Where's Annie when you need her?

The B_U_Asm...._is not_ the RosAsm´s is a help file, where René as the author of the product did his thoughts about what he called as Assembly Rebirth, and explaining about "his case", and "Randall´s case", and what he thinks about the developments envolving the product, and also why he built the assembler.

It have absolutelly nothing to do you try disqualify the product
because you don´t agree with the political and ethical views of the
author, except, most probably for you keep trolling.

Who's trying to disqualify the product? I suggest someone reads the licence, and I'm a troll? I know that B_U_Asm isn't the licence. It's Betov's manifesto, and the licence is an attempt to make it policy. Aren't you a lawyer? Is this standard advice -- don't read the licence?

Betov disqualifies the product every time. Betov attacked a newbie asking about RosAsm, not me. I'm sure others will make their own minds up based on more that my advice to read the licence.

I'm fed up reading Betov's gutter talk, technically inaccurate posts, attitude to learners and those that disagree with him, and what he supposes passes as normal human discourse between him and the rest of the world.

I've asked him in the past (civily, mind you) about several things I don't understand about RosAsm, or what he says. His responses have been uniformly unedifying, and on most occasions just downright rude. His behaviour with me is consistent, at least. He treats everyone like shit.

Here's a thought; why do people dislike Microsoft? It it because of the the actions of MS? Yes, almost 100%. It's unfortunate, but books get judged by their covers, and Betov brings a lot of this oppobrium on himself. It transfers itself to RosAsm as a consequence.

So...go troll another one.

I can understand that even you being a HLA user (No,´s better for
me correct this...IF you really use HLA, on the 1st place), Randall,
probably did not have relation to the insanity and lies you just

Guga, get real. What's Randall or HLA got to do with me or this thread? You're all paranoid obsessives over the guy.

Maybe you should try keep shooting at comp.lang.forth.

Not with you there.

You definitelly acted like a troll, on the very exact sense of the term.

Thanks for the advice; a link would have sufficed.

Alex McDonald