Re: Windows Assembly

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> Betov wrote:
> *snip*
> I think the main problem wit the RosAsm documentation is that it's not
> available in some "planish" text format. If you had used plain text or
> HTML, people would be able to use whatever viewer/editor they're
> comfortable with. This includes the ability to use custom stylesheets
> for people with visual impairments (or who just don't like the default
> colors/fonts), print on paper and read offline, etc.

This is a good critic, as long as the Tool i wrote
for viewing the Documentation is still way below the
quality of, say the Windows "Help" thingie (no Print,
no text search Functionalities, no side TreeView,...).

We will improve this in time...

Nevertheless, i do not think that a "low quality Help
System" could be any difficulty in the reading. Would
the rtf be made html, the texts would remain the same,
as well as there linked organization.

My plan is rather to improve the actual Viewer, and to
extend its functions, up to the level of real Windows
Help System, than to change the Format of 2 Megas of
Documentations splitted into more than 600 Files...


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