Re: Readkey and Testkey

Betov wrote:
> As your post seems to be interresting for nobody,
> i am afraid you could feel a bit frustrated. So,
> here we go:
> Too bad you are not using RosAsm: You would have
> had more than 200 "&VK_EQUATES" for free, without
> any hand written definition.

Why, I just followed you lead and did a little "cut & paste"
programming here, cutting those declarations from the "w.hhf" header
file. Seemed like the thing to do when posting to a newsgroup like this
one, so people could see the actual values without having to download
w.hhf and located the pertinent equates.

I really don't understand what your comment about "free" is all about.
Anyone who wants those equates can download w.hhf for themselves. It's
public domain. And code doesn't get any freer than that.

Randy Hyde


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