Re: Expansion of HLA Adventure

Here is a citation from our prefered ass-hole:

Yes, this is the exact same thing I remember reading everywhere. *I*
would have swallowed most of this list 2 years ago. I had to see for
myself. Had to use asm for a while to understand how deeply wrong some
of this list is. This is in fact the words of someone who have only a
very poor aquaintance with asm. It is in fact in the everyday code,
that asm really makes things a whole lot different. Implementing hard
stuff can still be hard, and when trying to do stupid things, asm is
still slow.

Actually something that occurs to me now and then, and espesially when
trying to write documentation, is that the more one knows of a subject,
the less one wants to say about it. Is this just me or anyone else felt