Re: Eorros for me, in the assembly history

Betov wrote:
> Robert Redelmeier <redelm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> écrivait news:%XFwf.48846
> $dO2.21538@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:
> > There is even a place of GUIs among users who
> > have simple needs unlikely to advance. Obviously not
> > including programmers.
> Obviously including programmers, as long as programmers
> are users, like any other user. The claim of having the
> programmers a special kind of specie, on computers, is
> nothing but counter-productive arrogancy deprived of
> any base, of any argument, and demonstrated utterly
> false, by any real life fact.
> One of the main reasons, exactly, why Linux will probably
> never be a usable Operating System, as long as, _exactly_,
> it does not do its job, that is... to do the job when the
> user clicks on an Item. Period.
> Betov.
> < >

Wannabie can tell you all about Ubuntu.

I have not had the joy of trying Ubuntu yet, but supposedly its
installation and user interphase is even better than Debian's (what I'm
using) and it's consistancy is on par with Mac's. (Consistancy is the
key to good GUI design IMO. When the "yes" button is always on the
left, you don't even need to read to say yes anymore)

Synaptic to install stuff (automatically downloads and installs
applications), Open Office for those who haven't switched to the
superior TeX and are too used to MS Word :-p (fine, I'll stop my TeX
plugs), or AbiWord + Gnumeric (abiword == word clone, gnumeric ==
excel), firefox, + games.

IIRC... Ubuntu installs that by default. Aka, when you load up the
disk, no effort. But again, I haven't used Ubuntu, so plz tell me if
I'm wrong Wannabie.