Re: Survey

john chung wrote:
I chose NASM b'cos that was the last assembler that I looked at for
my unix porting that I will be commencing soon. It may not be a great
choice but that was the last assembler that I checking on for writing
OS stuff. FASM? Heard before but not sure on it's strengths.
Can you provide some tips on why I should look at FASM? I am
open to suggestion.

More features.
Still being actively supported.
The user base is growing rapidly, though NASM still has a larger user
base, NASM's user base is growing much more slowly.

I checked quickly but it does not seem to support FreeBSB?

You might try asking on the FASM board about plans for FreeBSD. I dimly
recall some discussions about FreeBSD.
Of course, it certianly runs under BSD if you have the Linux emulation
enabled. And I'm *pretty* sure the object code you write can run
natively under BSD (without emulation), though I'm not 100% sure about
this (there might be *something* in the ELF file that tells FreeBSD it
needs the Linux emulator, even if the object code itself makes no Linux

Not sure
on this. Can someone clarify this? Looks like FASM support a lot
more than NASM. I believe NASM still does not support

I recall that *someone* had a 64-bit version of NASM. But it wasn't
folded into the main release and I don't know if it's publically
Randy Hyde