Re: Previous instruction address

"randyhyde@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <randyhyde@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> écrivait

The fact that *other people*
consistently refer to me as an "expert" in such matters no doubt annoys
you, but the truth is, I don't go around "selling myself" in the manner
you suggest. I just answer questions like how to find the address of
the previous instruction. Something you've attempted yourself in this

Clown, the verb "to annoy" is below the count: This is a real
scandal to have a nobody like you succeeding such an usurpation
without doing anything real. This show the disastrous state of

At least I didn't suggest to the OP that they start working backwards,
a byte at a time, which is more likely to produce false negatives
(because you don't get the benefit of instruction sync'ing that way) as
you did.

This is not exactely what i wrote, but, as long as this guy
choosed to answer to _you_, i have nothing to add on the topic.

As for having me explaining to you how to synchronize backward,
dream on. If you want to know, learn Assembly, first. Then try
to do something else than selling yourself.

You're right, I don't have anything to sell.

Other than selling dummy Books, and making yourself an usurpated
reputation, yes: Nothing indeed.



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