Re: TMA Assembler?

"randyhyde@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <randyhyde@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> écrivait

First of all, you may get beginners to RosAsm, but they're rarely
beginners to assembly.

Eughhh.. you know more than i do, clown.

whereas, very exactly, your HLA thingie was introduced as a tool
specificaly devoted to beginners, and wheras RosAsm never was
targeting any beginner at all. Miracle, clown?

And you are surprised? Yes, beginners *are* learning assembly language
programming via HLA.

How could this be possible, clown? Do you learn chineese
when travelling in Norway?

And yes, as one would expect, they ask beginning
questions. If you're not getting those same sorts of questions asked
with RosAsm, that simply means that you're not getting many beginners.

No, clown. This means that the questions, regulary asked
by your victims would be, in most case, absolutely
impossible with an Assembler, and particulary impossible
with an Assembler like RosAsm, that is there to show what
is going on, when your HLL Pre-Parser is there for obfuscating
Assembly. When the guys have the answers under their noses,
they don't ask the question, usually. Period.

You should not infer from the lack of such questions that the beginners
are simply figuring everything out for themselves and RosAsm is a great
tool for beginners as a result.

You should not infer from the questions of your victims,
anything else but the perfect demonstration of the real
failure case of your HLL Pre-Parser, clown.


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