Re: TMA Assembler?

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It's when they *stop* asking questions that one has to be worried.
Because at that point, they've stopped trying to learn the subject.
Make all the snide remarks you like, but the bottom line is that people
asking questions about how to do things in HLA is a *very good* thing.
Much to your annoyance, it means that people are learning assembly with

Simply impossible, clown. People who want to learn Assembly
must use an Assembler, and there exist no other way.

Now, do you want me to copy&paste example of questions asked
by your victims, that would be utterly impossible with an
Assembler, clown?

A couple of very funny ones found at your Board at MASM32,
that would likely not exist for an Assembler, and for sure
could never be found for RosAsm:

"When I enter a number >= 0, it displays the positive integers.
But when I enter a number such as +127, +100, I get HLA
Exception (5), Conversion Error."


"When I compiled the Program, I'm getting the error message
shown below... Would someone be able to give any hints where
I should be looking to resolve this issue?"


"I installed FHLA1.86 midnight this early morning; but later
after work of today found my NB can not hook up thru my desktop
PC then to adsl modem to Internet again."


Ask if you want more....


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