Re: TMA Assembler?

Betov wrote:

Simply impossible, clown. People who want to learn Assembly
must use an Assembler, and there exist no other way.

Oh, they're not using an assembler *you* approve of, but they're
learning assembly language with HLA nonetheless. And all your crying
and propagandizing about the subject isn't changing anything (other
than scaring people away from your own product). At the end of the day,
people who've learned assembly language programming via HLA tend to be
very happy with the knowledge they've gained. And they're smart enough
to realize that all the nonsense you're spewing is exactly that --

Now, do you want me to copy&paste example of questions asked
by your victims, that would be utterly impossible with an
Assembler, clown?

Sure. Go ahead.

A couple of very funny ones found at your Board at MASM32,
that would likely not exist for an Assembler, and for sure
could never be found for RosAsm:

"When I enter a number >= 0, it displays the positive integers.
But when I enter a number such as +127, +100, I get HLA
Exception (5), Conversion Error."

And your point?
You most certainly *do* get a conversion error because the "+" is not a
valid numeric character.

At least the HLA standard library input conversion routine is smart
enough to raise an exception, rather than return garbage as most
end-user-written conversion routines tend to do.

"When I compiled the Program, I'm getting the error message
shown below... Would someone be able to give any hints where
I should be looking to resolve this issue?"


"I installed FHLA1.86 midnight this early morning; but later
after work of today found my NB can not hook up thru my desktop
PC then to adsl modem to Internet again."

What does that have to do with learning assembly language?
Nothing whatsoever at all.

Ask if you want more....

More what?
You've yet to demonstrate a single question that wasn't answered or
dealt with. The people asking the questions had their questions
answered and they moved on. What's your point? You think people don't
have questions about installing and using other assemblers? Even on
your own product, you see questions like "where are the scroll bars?"
being asked all the time. And in the end, installation issues have
*nothing* to do with learning assembly language.

Get a life, dude.
Randy Hyde