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I have choosen to apply what the clown recommands, that
is not NOT even read anything begining with a "///". So,
if he likes to exclude himself from any debate he could
never win, everything is perfect:

Let's check your logic.

By removing YOURSELF from the discussion you have excluded SOMEONE
ELSE from that discussion.

You realize that, by the simple use of ///, he can (assuming you keep
your word) prevent YOU from responding to any message he chooses.
That is, you've just given him an on/off switch as far as your access
to this group is concerned. Heck, he could START a new thread with
/// and you'd be shut out.

But there is nothing whatever to keep HIM from responding to any and
all messages he likes.

Who's been excluded here?

What are you barking about, troll?

Just exploring whether you can apply logic in any context. It appears not.

He asked people
to not read the thread beginning with a "///".


That's what you said.

What he said was "I'm giving people an easy way of
opting out of any threads such as this one. All they need
to do is add "betov" to their kill file and tell their
newsreader to kill all files containing "///" in the subject line."

So i don't read them.

Thus excluding yourself from the discourse. Not, as you claimed in the portion
to which I responded, excluding him.

I am a nice boy, you know:

Not on the evidence.

Always glad to please.

Oh, yes. Since you're policy gives HIM control over YOUR participation in this
news group, I am indeed. In fact, if you keep your word (you said you'd not
read /// message, not just /// messages from him), it gives ANYONE control over
your participation. All it takes to shut you off is a little mouse move, a
click and pressing / three times.

As an aside, do you realize this is the second time you've responded to me
after saying you'd no longer do so? This does not bode well for the reliabilty
of the /// "off" switch. But we can hope that you'll do better remembering the
/// switch than you do with names.

- Bill