Re: Flaw in install script for nasm v0.98.39?

Frank Kotler wrote:

(Unix-folk don't like to actually get their hands dirty with the source,
it's all supposed to be automated - dos-heads are *used* to a little pain :)

I think it's just the other way. In DOS, all you had to do was to
create a new directory and copy all files (executable, config files,
data files) into this directory. To "uninstall the application", you
only needed to delete the directory and you could be sure, there
where no left over in a "registry" or "system directories".

NASM should only depend on the correct version of Clib. So why
don't provide a binary of NASM for the current Clib. Why has
everybody to download the source and compile it himself. I
think this is one of the biggest disadvantage of Linux compared
to Windows for normal users. And I also prefer a simple text
or pdf file (which can easily be printed) over any "man" or
"help" system.

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