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På Sun, 14 Jan 2007 06:44:21 +0100, skrev Evenbit <nbaker2328@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

T.M. Sommers wrote:

No one is going to
waste their time trying to explain anything to someone with your

Actually, this NG is proof that the above statement is false about 90%
of the time. Ever see a lengthy thread where all the participants
actually _agree_ on the subjects of their conversation?



- HLA is great!
- Yes it is, you are right.
- Isnt it nice ???
- Yeeeahhh!
- Arhrhrgoumr
- cool
- And its an assembler too!
- Indeed, an assmbler!!
- ma, I am an assembler programmer!!!
- Yeah, great!
- Cool.
- Great!
- Did you read it?
- no, but its cool stuff. Published and everything.
- Yeah. They say Randall Hyde wrote the Aoa as well.
- Jeeesuss. The Art of Assembly!!!!
- Yeah. Cool. Its written in PDF though.
- I dont mind. Cant write stuff like that in asm, straight away can you?
- Yeah. You are SO right....
- Cool.
- Yeah.
- Incredible.
- Great!
- But how about it Leo, time for the DELLdo speach now?
- Yeah. Cool. (Sucking on the mic, DELLdo DELLdo DELLdo, I love my DELLdo).