Re: Future FASMLIB website

Don't understand why you need two versions. Why not use only
the "simple" version and update the pointer or return the length
in EDX?
Generally, i would end up with "powerful version only". Something like
win32api functions, where half of arguments is just 0, and when reading
docs you have no idea what is half things about. You just want to do
something simple like read from file, and they bug you with
asynchronous I/O. I wanted way to prevent this confusion.

maybe that is why asmers often fail to create anything bigger. because
most assembly programmers are taugt not to reuse things, but to
reinvent them.
Or maybe because they are smart enough to us a HLL for "anything bigger"?
some of them ;)
but even those who use asm to create bigger things, don't reuse

Spending week writing config file reader for your
data-processing program is not really the best way, if it can be done
in 10 minutes with library.
But what is the advantage to call this library routine from
assembly code instead from HLL code?
none. still, people like to work in assembly for number of reasons. And
if your time-critical asm app is entire in assembly, wouldn't it be
nice to have library handy for out-of-focus things like config file?