Re: Future FASMLIB website

På Mon, 22 Jan 2007 14:24:17 +0100, skrev Betov <betov@xxxxxxx>:

Herbert Kleebauer <klee@xxxxxxxxx> écrivait

"vid512@xxxxxxxxx" wrote:

here is preview of how FASMLIB site could look. I plan to launch site
with version 0.5 (next version), so not all things mentioned there are
implemented yet.

Just comment site, how it's understandable and readable, and how you
overall like it.

What is the advantage of using FASMLIB instead of libc?

This is a serious question, VID. you say:

"FASMLIB is NOT designed to be fast..."

"FASMLIB is designed to be both simple to use and

Quite frankly, i have no idea about what the word "powerfull"
could ever mean, in this context, it this sounds to me just
like the traditional Hutch-- bullshits. You should avoid that
ridiculous word, IMHO.

Also he would try to avoid the word "allow". :)
I sometimes catch myself using this well known propaganda word, and
it just goes to say, I should sleep instead of writing docs then.
He even used it twice, and thats imo similar to a federal offence :)))

Now, we have seen such Libraries over and over since the
earlier days of computers, and it has always been clear to me
that, - knowing the way the Asmers behave - the only real
usage they could have, would be with helping beginners at
solving such and such problem. It has always been so, and,
i am convinced that it will always be so. The only area in
which it is NOT so, is evidently for HLLs.

So, considering this important point, any Asm Lib should be,
first, very easy to read. I have not been able to download
your very last version, but, i have read the previous one,
and, to say the less, it does not match, at all, my concept
of readability. This point did not hurt me that much, but,
well... as Herbert is saying... why not any libc, then?
At least these ones have the important advantage - given the
huge number of users and contributors - to be reliable, and
generaly distributed.


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