Re: Killbart.asm

HandyMan wrote:
On May 19, 11:56 am, Herbert Kleebauer <k...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

application, sleep for a given time and then kill it. And XP
already has a program to kill tasks (it is called taskkill)
and you don't have to write it yourself.

I am aware of taskill. Do you know how long taskill takes compared to
an assembly program?

Maybe taskkill does it the correct way and first politely asks
the application to terminate itself and only if it doesn't react
within a given time, it kills it.

I am learning assembly language. That means writing code, asking
questions and studying.

But I have the feeling, you are more busy learning the Win32 API
then the language of the processor. And the API has nothing to
do with assembly programing. And even if you write code, you
use something like

.IF (eax == 0)
invoke OpenProcess, PROCESS_TERMINATE,FALSE,[ProcEnt.th32ProcessID]
.IF (eax)
invoke TerminateProcess, eax,0
;failed for some reason
invoke Process32Next, hSnapshot,ADDR ProcEnt

which also has nothing to do with the language of the processor (do you
at least know which CPU instructions are generated by the above code?).

Not ever coder is writing malware, viruses, etc.

Surely not a beginner. This is a well paid job in this days because
much money can be made by owning a big bot net.