Re: Nasm 0.99.00

"Frank Kotler" <fbkotler@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have attempted a "partial" (source only... and docs) release of 0.99.00
on SF. Keith and Chuck's work has "languished" long enough!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to download the source,
attempt to compile it, test it if possible, and let us know how it goes.

when built on mingw, it seems to have problems opening files (I suspect this
is more a mingw issue though, it is ran with the CWD in the '/bin'

makefile.unx needs to be modified to work on cygwin (same issue as before).
sadly, it tries to use 'cc', which is bad on cygwin and mingw.

'rm -f *.o' also does the wrong thing, 'rm -f `find -name \*.o`' seems

ndisasm fails to correctly handle REX prefixes (generates db 0x48, db 0x49,
.... instead).


I have personally come to doubt making absolute addressing the default on
x86-64 (longer opcodes and less flexibility than with relative addressing).

mov eax, [foo]

generates the 'A1' form, which is teh long (but can refer anywhere in
memory...). it may make sense in-general to not use this form in long-mode
(in the name of saving bytes).

or such...



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