Re: ReactOS takes another big hit

Guga wrote:
Hi Frank,

i don´t know what u mean with "poisoned". The code was, in fact,
pirated. When someone copies a commercial source, and also with a
license that forbids it to be included in another OS, and then you
simply remove the copyright notice and replace by your own, and post a
note saying that you was the author of such code, this is piracying.
This is what happened, unfortunately.

"If the current ReactOS code *is* in fact "poisoned", the development
team has got a big problem: how can they "clean-room reverse engineer"
code if they've already seen the "bad" code???"

If it was simply reverse engineered, the problem was not too serious,
depending, of course the local law. The problem was simply one:
Stealing a copyrighted commercial code, replacing the copyright notice
and claiming to everyone that you was the "genius" that made this
code. Simple as that.

My hopes is that now that the ReactOS developers have the full and
naked problem on their hands, where we totally explained, in details,
what really happened and posted the necessary files to they compare,
then they can be able to fix this terrific problem that Alex Ionescu
(deliberated or not) gave as a "good-bye" gift to the other

Pretty serious accusation. If Alex were to charge you with libel, do you think you could prove it in court?