Betov`s petty war again...?

Welcome in the club gentleman. It`s an evil world against Betov again
eh? Just a minor issue, as it is written, it is more a libel than
slander. Anyways... Betov`s usual methode is FUD and MUD. We of
ReactOS team know this too well. As we are so stupid of not using
illustrious Betov`s RosASM (which is still technically using ReactOS
name, without or even against ReactOS team approval, i`d say STEALING
the name even), we have been attacked so many times, it`s
uncountable... Betov`s last attempt was to suggest that ReactOS
developpers are in fact secretly working for Microsoft and doing the
dirty job from within. Most amusing, isnt it? It`s not all. Betov is
also accusing ROS team of inspiring supposed "attacks" on ROSASM wiki
page, which was supposedly vandalized by "some unknown ROS
supporters". Now this is nor funny anymore. Betov is appartently
loosing his grip on reality, i would even call it paranoia. Conspiracy
theories, accusing everyone around of wrongdoing, those are clean
signs of some serious mental issues.

I suppose Nasm32 guys must be doing really a good job and progressing,
to trigger such attack from Betov. The important question right now,
is what can be do, to counter this stupid and mostly offending
outburst from B.