Re: Why do we use different files for C ?

On Aug 25, 3:06 am, Betov <be...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
"sevag.krikorian" <sevag.krikor...@xxxxxxxxx> écrivaitnews:1188003923.418252.85650@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

It seems you're the only one who believes in your lies these days.

Too bad that these are not my words, we are talking about,
but Master Pdf's words, who explained to this idiot how he
was already over with "writing FASM", as opposed to what
this idiot believes.



Like I said, you're the only one who believes in your own lies.
"writing FASM" is not a quote that can be attributed to Randall Hyde
in any way that you are implying.
I'm just wondering if it's pathological of malicious. Maybe a bit of



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